Our Schools are Resilient (Part 2)

Morgan Hill Unified School District has mounted an effective response, in accordance with government COVID-19 guidelines, to safeguard its students, teachers and staff. Shelter-in-place plans were quickly implemented to connect student families with critical services, including Distance Learning resources as well as free meals for students. It's been a tremendous undertaking in support of the school's 8,500 students enrolled at 14 school sites. 

The District, the Mt. Madonna YMCA and the County Office of Education launched a childcare program aimed at helping Essential Healthcare Workers and First Responders to continue their work without having to worry about childcare issues due to school and daycare closures. The program is being hosted at Barrett Elementary School. 

Superintendent Steve Betando issued a statement on March 25th confirming the decision of the County Office of Education to extend school closures until May 1st (find County resources and tips online). Superintendent Betando echoed school district sentiment that everyone is anxious for the re-opening of schools and regaining a sense of normalcy in our community.