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Ad Info

Advertising with gmhTODAY gives you the opportunity to reach the Morgan Hill and Gilroy communities directly. We offer a variety of display ads from Covers to Eighth inch ads to help you communicate with your target market in the South Bay.

For more information on prices and requirements for display ads, or other forms of advertising, please call 408-848-6540 or send email to bev@gmhtoday

Ad Rates

Contact us for more information about ad rates.

Ad Sizes

* Full 
7.25" x 9.675"  (Vertical)

* Two-thirds
4.75" x 9.675" (Vertical)
7.25" X 6.40"   (Square)

* Half
7.25" x 4.75"  (Horizontal)
3.55" x 9.675"  (Vertical One)
4.75" X 7.25" (Vertical Two) 

* Quarter
3.55" x 4.75" (Vertical)

Ads provided by advertiser must be submitted in print-ready portable document format (PDF) high-resolution (300 dpi). If IPC is designing your ad, please supply copy, logo and photos with this insertion order. Pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution, typically 72 or 96 dpi and cannot be used for print. We reserve the right to refuse ads that do not meet the quality standards of the publication.