16 gmhToday Sep Oct 2017

gmhToday Sep Oct 2017

Autumn is Here!

The 2017 September October issue of gmhToday features: Infrastructure Part IV, Energy, Rita Quintero, National Hispanic Month, Rachel Perez, GPD Chef Smithee, Rosso’s Furniture Family, Disaster Preparedness, South Valley Symphony, Susan Berghoff & LBD, Freedom Fest Parade Volunteers with Maureen & Bob Hunt, MH Biking, Local Wines, Cruising the Rhine, Gavilan Nursing, School Days, Hispanic Heritage, County, & City Updates, Inclusive Playground, artist Tim Filice, Theater Andrew Stebbins, Satori Tom Muller, Dining with friends at Rosy’s, Cooking life after SakaBozzo, Children’s Etiquette and more…

What's Inside this Issue