Grandparent's Day-The Forgotten Holiday

Abigail and her "Grandpa Bop"

My older daughter Georgie began her second year of preschool this week. I love that her preschool teacher believes in letting the little ones have a full summer--school is out before Memorial Day and doesn’t go back until after Labor Day. She might be the only one in the area who does that, but it works for us.

On Georgie’s first day back, her grandmother--my husband’s mother, “Grammy Linda”-- surprised her by picking her up from school. Georgie was over the moon. That morning while Georgie was at school, my younger daughter Abigail (15 months), basked in quality alone time with her Grammy reading books on the couch, as I did the dishes, my heart filled with Mom Guilt over how little one-on-one attention the second child gets. I don’t know that I’ve ever sat down and read Abigail a book.

I’m grateful that my kids have Grammy Linda in their lives. Linda lives pretty far up the Peninsula, so visits aren’t as frequent as we’d like, but they are consistent and my kids delight in them.

My girls are lucky to have four grandparents who dote on them, and recently I’ve been aware of how crucial that relationship is for both the child and the grandparent. It’s a special relationship that carries into adulthood, and even long after our grandparents are no longer with us.

If I asked you what September 9th is, would you know? No worries; I didn’t either. It’s Grandparent’s Day. Grandparent’s Day isn’t a holiday I’ve ever paid attention to before, but this year I’ve decided we will start. I know, I know, life is busy and we don’t need another Hallmark holiday to keep up with. I get it.

But grandparents are something to be celebrated, and while it doesn’t have to be this weekend, I think it’s a good reminder. I used to be more bah-humbug about stuff like this but after my husband beat cancer--yep, I just dropped the C-bomb--our life mantra is “Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything.” It was a quote I saw on Pinterest and the source is unknown, but it’s shaped our life for the past year.

We never know what’s going to happen to the people we value, so let’s celebrate the hell out of those relationships while we can. (And remember, grandparents don’t have to be biological to be celebrated.)

I thought of a few ways to honor grandparents this weekend--this is just a starting point for your own creativity.

  • Spend a few hours making a ceramic treasure at Green Glaze Pottery Studio. The studio’s owner, Katarina, can help you pick the perfect piece to paint. Maybe a special cookie jar, serving tray, ornament, or a wall hanging. If your grandparents, or your children’s grandparents live nearby, this would make a fun outing together. If not, your creations can always be mailed.

  • Print off some photos at Costco. Costco canvas prices cannot be beat, and their quality is incredible. They also do prints, calendars, mousepads, T-shirts… Really, your faces could be put on anything.

  • Check out a show. Flynn Creek Circus is returning to Morgan Hill this weekend. This interactive show features comedy, improv, and “jaw dropping skills” to present a whole new take on circus theater. Flynn Creek runs Sept. 9 and 10 at the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center.

  • Treat them. Take them to their favorite lunch spot, or spoil them with an afternoon of shopping and dessert.

Or, the easiest thing--and possibly the most cherished, would be to just call them. Tell them how you appreciate them in your life (or your kid’s lives). Those are the kinds of things we forget to say, and if it takes another Hallmark holiday to say them, then I’m all for it.